On April 27th, Republicans from across the district showed up in Lakeville and set an 89 year attendance record at the convention. When it came time to vote to  determine which candidate was best to represent the district, Rahm received 74.4% of the vote. That number was right on track from a poll following a debate earlier in the year where 75% voted Rahm as the best candidate. There have been several other polls taken throughout the race and Rahm has won all of them. 

Tayler needs your help to show up and vote on August 13th (or earlier) for the primary because even though the people of this district have overwhelmingly determined that he is the best candidate for the people, the establishment DC swamp has recruited a candidate to run against him and suppress the will of the people by trying to buy this election.

It is time for the people to stand up and fight back. We must stop allowing a small group of powerful people in DC to hand select candidates who care more about protecting the status quo in Washington than representing the people. Rahm will always put people first, as he is the people’s candidate. Show up and Vote in the primary if you want change and a Representative who will put the people first! 

Participating in elections is immensely significant in molding our communities and nation. It empowers individuals to shape policies, elect leaders who resonate with their principles, and actively engage in our democratic process. Every single vote carries weight, driving transformation and addressing pressing concerns at both local and national levels. Exercising your voting rights is not only a civic responsibility but also a pathway to empowerment.

Vote in the Primary  - August 13 

Vote by Election Day - November 5