Over the last few years, politicians have recklessly spent money like it grows on trees, spending trillions of dollars, many of which went to their wealthy donors and friends. What did the American people get in return from the reckless spending–record levels of inflation that have not been seen in 40 years. The 40-year high inflation does not impact the politicians who created it, but it hurts ordinary people who are forced to spend their retirement money to fill up their gas tanks, buy groceries or pay their bills.

Instead of accepting responsibility for the decades of high inflation they created through reckless policies and spending, politicians blame capitalism and the systems that have made America the greatest country in the history of the world. They broke the systems and now they aim to redistribute wealth and punish those who wish to live the American dream.

It is time to send people to DC who will stop the reckless spending, cut unnecessary regulations on businesses and allow the American economy to thrive by rewarding hard work, talent and innovation. 


Crime is out-of-control throughout our Country and it is spreading at lightning speed to the suburbs, including in the Second District. Tayler has had a front row seat to witness the progressive prosecutors and progressive judges create a standard that erases or lessens the consequences of criminal actions, thus emboldening the criminals. Instead of blaming the people committing the crimes, Democrats called to defund our police and they are now doing everything they can to retract from that position because of the disaster it has led to.

It is time to reduce violent crimes by arresting, prosecuting and sending violent criminals to prison. This is an urgent issue that cannot wait and we must be proactive because if we continue to wait, the violent crime and massive amounts of illegal drugs will be in our neighborhoods and our children's school before we know it.

There are way too many innocent, precious lives being taken from us in our classrooms due to horrible acts of violence. Parents deserve to be able to send their children to school and feel comfortable knowing that they will return home safely. It is time to put police officers in every school to protect our children from harm and also to provide an atmosphere that will allow the officers and students to develop positive, healthy relationships with one another.


The Democrat party broke our border when they took control of the government in 2020 and now, they refuse to do anything to fix it. Leaving our border wide-open has led to a record number of immigrants coming to our country and put us in a position where we have no idea who is coming to our country. In addition to the record number of illegal crossings, there is a record number of drugs crossing our border, including fentanyl. This has directly led to overdose deaths becoming the number one cause of death for 18-35 year-olds in our country. This is unacceptable.

We must protect our youth from the drug epidemic that has been created by leaving our border open and allowing the Mexican Cartels to flood our streets with illegal drugs. We must work to fix it by protecting our border with common sense immigration policy, providing the resources to our border patrol agents and dismantling the drug cartels.


It is time to fund students, not systems. The numbers are clear: our children are falling behind in our schools and they are not learning what they should be learning to foster a bright future. Our children deserve the best, so let's give them the best: an opportunity to choose what school works best for them. Allowing parents and children to decide what school is best for them will allow our children to flourish and receive the best education possible, which is what they deserve.

Tayler was fortunate enough to be a collegiate athlete at the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) and had a front row seat to witness how hard the women's sports teams worked. Preventing biological men from competing in women's sports is not meant to discriminate, instead it is meant to protect women and girls. It is fundamentally unfair to allow biological men to take away roster spots, break decade-long records and take scholarships away from women who have worked their entire lives to accomplish their dreams.


Healthcare costs are out of control and the level of care patients are receiving is decreasing. So, people are paying more for worse care. We must provide options regarding what healthcare packages are best for individuals; we must provide transparency in pricing so people are aware of what they are paying; and we must reduce costs.

We have to acknowledge that we have a mental health crisis in our country and we need to work to solve it. We must also take care of those who need our help by providing quality facilities and care for people, so that they and their families are comfortable sending them to a place to receive the care they need.


For too long our Government has convinced us that it is our job to be the police of the world. This has ended up in forever wars where our young men and women are forced to risk their lives. It is time to negotiate resolutions with other countries and work on ways to resolve conflicts. Our motto should be: War is the last option, not the first option and one American soldier lost, is one too many.